On employment, traffic rules, the use of social media and women in politics

No vacancies for B. Ed science graduates?

On Royal Civil Service Commission’s recent vacancy announcement for the B. Ed graduates for 2018, many shared their disappointment over the government having less vacancy for B. Ed science graduates. Of about 205 vacancies announced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology had three vacancies each.

This was shared on social media pages several times. What is to happen to the other graduates?
It is only when such issues are shared and discussed that we recognize the failure in our education system and planning.

In the last 10 years, Kuensel reported that teachers’ attrition was highest last year with about 345 teachers leaving the profession. Of that, 260 teachers had voluntarily resigned.

While the country is witnessing rising unemployment rate among youth, increasing attrition rate in any sector or department should be viewed as a serious concern. Why are the people leaving their jobs, when we already have very limited jobs in the market?

Teaching profession has been viewed as one of the toughest jobs in the world. While we understand the importance of a teacher in shaping the lives of our youth, are we recognizing their importance enough and putting an effort to bring changes for better? One cause of rising unemployment rate has been the mismatch of education and employment opportunities.

Understanding the core area of the problem, I think that the government should put extra effort to make education system—one of the most important sectors of any developing country, a better one.

(Published on July 23, 2018)

Inform first, penalise later

This is with reference to Transport Infringement Notice (TIN) issued to some drivers who parked their vehicles along the Jangchu Lam, on the left side of Thai Temple in Thimphu recently.

There was no rule so far requiring a driver to pay the fine for parking along the road mentioned above. But recently the traffic personnel have started issuing TIN to those who parked their cars there.

Many drivers are still unaware of the new rule, which led to unhealthy discussion with traffic personnel and landed up paying fine without being informed. I would like to request the authority concerned to look into this matter.

It will be highly appreciated if the authority concerned could put up a ‘No Parking’ sign or create awareness through media with regard to undesignated parking area in Thimphu town for public information. The fines and penalty are applicable if the vehicles are still parked in undesignated area after repeated information provided thorough the media.

Should posting traffic signs along the road and advertisement/awareness incur high expenses, Thimphu Thromde and Royal Bhutan Police could post the information on social media.

I believe this awareness can bring about lots of changes and also reduce the workload of both traffic personnel and the drivers.

(Published on July 24, 2018)

Stop wrong use of social media

Social media users hiding their true identity behind the mask of anonymity is increasing in Bhutan. This is a matter of concern, especially when the election is nearing.

Hate messages, character assassination, defamation and inappropriate contents spread like a wildfire from one platform to another in no time. It is startling to see the messages from these sources are becoming the subject for gossip at work, official functions, dinners, and at home.

While the anonymous people may have vested interest and hidden agenda, it is our own people and us, who are making these masked identities popular. But there are also some who use anonymous accounts to voice genuine concerns. This is because there is an impression among the people that voicing their opinions and concerns openly by using a true identity would backfire on them.

I feel that that government should encourage open discourse and dialogue and discourage personal attacks and use of inappropriate contents in social media. A full-blown media literacy and advocacy must be initiated and proper laws put in place.

Disturbing pictures of accidents and death are being posted without knowing the impact on the society. WeChat has become a porn hub and cause for creating misunderstanding among couples.

Political parties must play a bigger role here since most of the anonymous users are attacking all the parties.

We, as a concerned citizen, must act together before it becomes an epidemic.

Tshering P
(Published on July 25, 2018)

Error in ATM transactions

Error in ATM transaction, particularly non-delivery of cash but debiting the account deserves justice. It is now time that Banks not only apologize but compensate the same. It is about accountability.

This has affected especially the customers whose bank balances are small. The emergent need is totally being defeated. Sometimes it does not automatically credit back within 24hrs.
Customers would appreciate if our Banks take

the moral responsibility and compensate the customers for errors caused. Your practical action would be highly appreciated.

Sanga Dorji Pelzang
(Published on July 26, 2018)

Bigger role as women see they can play in the life of the nation

Representation of women in position of power has been small, but it is changing slowly and steadily for good.

Today, women both young and old, are standing up to the call of the nation. They are ready to offer people the choice. Election 2018 is going to be exciting.

But our women are not without challenges. They have more bridges to cross, cultural and traditional. What is heart-warmingly impressive about our women is that they have the courage to fight against all odds.

They are standing against formidable political figures because they think they can offer better service to the people and the nation.

There was a time when men were preferred for public service because they were physically strong. This has no relevance this day. We live in the world when earnestness and dedication of a representative is more important that physical prowess.

All the four political parties have women candidates. They are all young and energetic. More important, they feel that they have to pave a way for more women representation in the legislature. Some come with wide experience, others do not. But that matters little.

It is interesting to note that the political party that fought and won the elections with the promise to narrow gender gap today has the least number of women.

Our democracy will be that much mature and representational only if we can elect more or less equal number of male and female MPs in the Parliament. Because they find deeply in their heart to serve the nation, it is incumbent on us as voters to give them a chance.

Vote for the best, though.

(Published on July 27, 2018)

Go beyond tracing fake Facebook accounts

ECB (Election Commission of Bhutan) planning to trace down fake Facebook accounts involving unlawful act is a wise move towards fair election. However, that’s not enough. May be the ECB should also trace WeChat groups involving political activities. With technical advancement, almost everyone in the country is accessible to WeChat. Taking advantage of the same, almost every party and their supporters use the platform to connect with their members.

Somehow, willfully or by mistake, many candidates and supporters could commit unlawful acts. Members in these groups keep escalating, involving many people who are actually not registered with the particular party. Some registered supporters could use the platform to influence the people’s right to vote, which is against electoral rules and regulations. Such activities infringe the constitutional rights of the people.

If no proper actions are taken, it would be a challenge to have a fair election. The ECB should take the right action on the right time to avoid unforeseen problems in the near future. This is based on my opinion as a dutiful and concerned citizen of Palden Drukpa.

Leki Pelzang
(Published on July 28, 2018)

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