JDWNRH’s parking again, mining safety, road and bridge quality and water shortage in Thimphu

JDWNRH’s parking story misinformed

This is in response to “JDWNRH revamps its parking space” story published on May 31, 2018. The hospital’s Medical Superintendent reported that the people never used the parking space, especially at the rear side of the area.

I don’t think this is true. What we can accept is, that the area never had lighting and there used to be piles of rubbish. Why? It is because the parking fee contractor felt it is hospital’s property and its duty to maintain the area while the hospital believes it’s the other way round.

The unused space, which is still used as a smoking area, is vacant as ever and that portion can be converted into a planned facility. Proper planning and consultation is highly necessary and really demanded of in JDWNRH. The management has opened up one fourth of the parking space after several public outcries but it has lost 70 car parks forever. This decision needs much deeper thought. Except for the mortuary, other facilities can be taken elsewhere within the hospital proximity.

Ugyen Namgyel
(Published June 18, 2018)

Gratitude to NEC for training RUB academicians

I take this forum to thank the National Environment Commission for training academicians from three relevant RUB colleges on the uses of Air Quality Analysis tool for conducting the good research.

The institutional visits and training had definitely made the participants confident to carryout the teaching-learning activities. The ultimate beneficiaries will be our young children in the class. We pledge to use the skills gained through the training in our research projects and disseminate the information to the policy makers and the public.

A grateful participant
Tashi Tshering
(Published on June 19, 2018)

Safety must be given priority (mining incident)

On June 15, we lost four workers due to an explosion inside a tunnel in Samdrupcholing. One is still recovering.

It was sad to know that men lost their lives due to some explosion.

Although this kind of incident does not occur frequently, we should take it as a lesson and lay safety measures for the future workers. This is one of the many examples why we need to focus on effective planning. Human capacity needs to be enhanced, and training provided. Research and studies must be carried out and risks assessed.

We cannot stop developmental activities, construction being one of the main sectors. However, we need to come up with strong precautionary measures. If what we have by way of precautions and standard operating procedures are not working, we need to develop new ones or strengthen them.

(Published on June 20, 2018)

Quality of road depends on the design

It has been sounded in the media that roads are wearing off due to the water seepage from the truck while carrying sands and other stuff. I think it is quite ridiculous to mention such a thing by the Department of Road (DoR) officials.

Actually, roads must be so designed that water should not affect them. The problem with our roads is that they are not designed properly. Even in Paro, at the airport bridge, a funny thing has happened due to the lack of proper elevation on the curves of the newly constructed bridge.

It is high time we focused on building quality roads.

(Published on June 21, 2018)

Bazam to Changjiji is weakening

The bazam (traditional bridge) connecting the main Thimphu highway to Changjiji is beginning to fall apart. The bridge is effectively used by the public especially school goers in the morning and evening. In addition, many amenities like the artificial turf play ground, schools and shops are in the vicinity.

An immediate action by the concerned agency to renovate the bridge may relieve and save lives and properties. The same design and structure built across the Mochu
in Punakha if built in the capital would bring in more aesthetics and a stronger bridge over the Wangchu.

(Published on June 22, 2018)

Why water shortage in Thimphu?

I would like to raise my concern on the water shortage in core city of Thimphu.

It was shocking to learn that car wash facilities are given safe, treated drinking water while the city residents are facing acute shortage of water. And, worse, even as the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) pointed out the issues and recommended improvements, the thromde has not done anything.

That the car wash facilities get treated water while the city is running short of drinking water is hard to understand. Is it because Thrompon is concerned about his voters instead of improving water supply system in the city?

Whenever the issue of shortage of drinking water is brought up, we are told that the government has spent huge amount of money for improvement. But water shortage is getting worse by the day.

We call for a thorough investigation and hold offices and persons accountable. City residents can no longer put up with this farce.

(Published on June 23, 2018)

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