Of blue-color jobs, new NC members and the road and sewerage conditions in Thimphu

Make blue color jobs attractive

Creation of employment is becoming a major challenge for the country. Some say that our youth are not taking up available jobs although jobs are aplenty, especially in the technical field and the blue color market. However, salaries in the private sector are not attractive in most cases. As a result, a large number of people are traveling aboard for jobs. It is said that the money our youth earn in Japan is not enough to live a comfortable life due to high cost of living there. The government should create more jobs in the country to employee VTI graduates. It should ensure justifiable wages and social security to make jobs at home attractive. This would encourage people to look for and take up jobs at home. Tashi Thimphu (Published on May 7, 2018)

Time to debunk the myth of Khekpa

Khekpa, the head-hunter myth doing the rounds in the eastern villages has been a usual course every year. As children, we believed a black man with a sword would take away our heads. Parents would tell us, they need it at the bridges, big buildings and projects. The Khekpa story has been an undying narration and perhaps it exists because no one is sure of its existence. As an adult today, I understand that these stories are mere myths. I have worked at a hydro-power project where big tunnels are built and huge machines erected but never have I seen any one’s head in the pit or inside the walls. The ancient story we were told was that big Choetens would have to have an animal or human buried alive inside the structure. The belief maintained that the structures would remain strong and last forever or at least drive away the evil spirits. Perhaps, the elders must have used this story to get children home on time but we may have taken this a bit too far. People are panicking. Some have to close shops before dusk and farmers have to leave the fields before sunset. It is time we understand and educate people that instead of heads, we need excellent engineers to build those structures. If the design calculation fails, the structure is likely to collapse. But belief is persuasive and if the concerned government agencies do not issue clarifications, this myth shall live on in our villages. Sanga Dorji Pelzang (Published on May 8, 2018)

Most vehicles involved in accidents are driven by professional drivers

I am writing this regarding the many vehicle accidents being reported in the country. At least one vehicle accident case is reported on social media every day. It has now been a trend for people to post pictures and some details about vehicle accidents across the country. I wonder if this is because vehicle accidents were not reported on social media in the past or if the number of accidents has actually increased over the years? What does it mean if the number has increased over the years? Is it because the number of vehicles has increased and such mishaps are expected or is it because we have become careless drivers? Going by the pictures of accidents posted on WeChat and Facebook, it looks like the cause of most of the accidents are speeding and driving on the wrong side of the lane. It is worrying to see that most of these vehicles are taxis or buses that are driven by professional drivers. When traveling along the Thimphu – Phuentsholing highway, you see taxis, trucks and even public transport buses over speeding, which not only risks the drivers’ lives but others including the passengers. The concerned authority should look into it and brief the professional drivers. I assume that agencies are still conducting alcohol and drug tests on professional drivers and they should continue to do so. It must monitor and introduce measures to reduce mishaps that could be prevented. Pema Thimphu (Published on May 9, 2018)

Dear new NC members

Today is a significant day in the history of Bhutanese democracy. You are all officially taking over the office today. Congratulations! We the people would look up to you all. As most elected members are new and young, I foresee fresh perspectives being provided to the law reviewing process. The people have put their faith by electing you to play an important democratic function. I thank the outgoing members for the service. We have learned from you all in nurturing the democratic process. Whatever steps you all have in mind for your next endeavours, I believe that you would be serving the TsaWa-Sum. Rinchen (Published on May 10, 2018)

Attention Thromde (Road in Thimphu)

The road portion between the bridge over Ngabirongchhu and Babesa zero pint (roundabout) has potholes that need some attention. I believe the issue was reported in the media but nothing has been done so far. We the commuters always face problems driving through this portion of the road. Although it is still pliable, my concern is that of negligence. It doesn’t look good, more so, it is on the national highway. There are hundreds of vehicles plying this road each day and there are many tourists. It gives a bad image of the city and I feel the thromde must do something about it.
I have also met several people from Debsi complain of this road condition. I am a layman and do not understand much about laws and rules and regulations. What I understand is that the place falls under thromde. This means thromde has to do something. Or maybe there is another agency that should look into this matter. R. Rai Thimphu (Published on May 11, 2018)

Request to Thromde (Sewerage leak)

The sewerage leak in the middle of the road in Chanjalu, a few distances away from Mobile Tower above helipad, below Rabten Resort is still visible and worsening by the day. It spills over the road forming puddles on the road already riddled with several big potholes. Lots of people commute every day on the road. Our concern is that there are wires coming out of puddles lining the roads and we see many small school children playing in that area after school.
Such unhygienic and ugly playground, and in the middle of the residential area is hazardous to the health and safety of the people, especially the children living nearby.
We sincerely request the Thromde to do something before it becomes too late. Suraj Sharma Thimphu (Published on May 12, 2018)  

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