Encourage multi-storied building in urban areas

Being the capital, every one wishes to have properties in Thimphu. I feel that the government with the help of the Thromde, instead of restricting construction to a single storied house in the municipal areas could encourage residents to construct multi-storied buildings in the city so that we accommodate more people on a minimum acre of land.

This could also aid in economical distribution of services like water and electricity and bring down the real estate cost. Some of the advantages could be:

• The save space and accommodate more residents as compared to shorter buildings
• Higher floors are relatively more airy & receive more sunlight
• More economical

One of the benefits of building a multi-storey home is that the living space is almost doubled depending on the number of floors when compared to a single storey home built on the same plot of land. Thimphu Thromde could look into updating the structural plan and building rules as per the current scenario and plan accordingly in sustaining the environment. Given the terrain, limited useful land is available for constructions and other agricultural activities. I suggest the Thromde to incorporate vertical extension rather than surface extension in municipal areas.


This piece was published on Kuensel’s MY SAY section on May 5, 2018.

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