On poor drainage, changes to primary education, organic food production and nocturnal disturbance at Olakha

Poor drainage With the arrival of monsoon, drains, footpaths and roads are getting flooded. We have been dealing with the same problems for some time now – blockage of drains, leading to overflow of the drain and sewage water. Sadly, we forget about all these once the monsoon is over. If the drainage systems are not built well, the problem is likely to continue due to waste accumulation. Therefore, the people would appreciate if the municipality looked into this and made proper plans to prevent such issues, not only this summer but for the many summers to come. Karma Lhamo Changzamtog resident (Published on July 30, 2018) Primary education needs a major overhaul My son woke up quite early today to the harsh realization that he has to go back to school soon. “Why? Don’t you like school?” I asked […]

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