Of swimming risk, child abuse, stray dog adoption, leaking water pipes and women in sports

Refrain from swimming in the river The recent incident of a young man who drowned while swimming in Wangchu at the Tango- Cheri base is disheartening. I have noticed people still picnicking and swimming in the river at the popular picnic spot in Thimphu. Maybe they are not aware of the recent incident or the risks of swimming at this time of the year. Authorities concerned should do something about it. Maybe, we need to put up a board asking people to refrain from swimming in the river because going by the number of people visiting the site and still seen swimming after the tragic incident, it seems they are not aware of the dangers. Pema Thimphu (Published on July 9, 2018) Protect our children It was very sad to know that three children were sexually abused over the years […]

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