Rehab centers, building rules, drainage systems, loan collateral valuation and traffic police criticism

We need more rehab homes We find that the cases of drug abuse and trafficking are showing no signs of abating. Every other day, the media reports of young people being sent behind bars for possession, consumption or sale of controlled narcotic and psychotropic substances. The Chukha dzongkhag court has so many such cases that some even call the court the highway court. Office of the Attorney General received 500 drug- related cases last year alone. This number is alarming, as more individuals could be involved in one case. Some of them could be repeat offenders. Imagine 500 people going to jail each year, and most of them being youth, what would happen to this land of happiness? Going at this rate, the future does not look so happy. Families are broken, more poor people drown into poverty. The impacts […]

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