Student extra-curricular activities, social media use, political party manifesto suggestions, bad roads and youth issues

More than academic excellence On August 18, Bhutan U15 girls’ team made us proud. The kind of interest and potential shown by the players showed that Bhutan could do more. National player Chencho Gyeltshen made stunning statements with his skills. Two Bhutanese breakers also took part in the Youth Olympic Games last year. Music, sports, and other co-curricular activities are a small part of the education system in Bhutan. Unlike Bhutan, classes in ballet, playing musical instruments, and sports are some of the basic lessons available in the education system of other countries. The education system in the country is criticized as one of the reasons for increasing unemployment in the county. While the teachers engage to improve the class’s performance for better academic results, attention to other co-curricular activities diminishes. Although academic performance play an important role in one’s […]

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