On motorist awareness, sexual harassment, stray dog menace and ACC investigation of Loden Foundation

Speed breakers and awareness on zebra crossing needed in Kanglung This is to express my concern over the growing number of pedestrian and vehicles plying in Kanglung. There are paths along the road for the pedestrians. I am thankful to traffic police for monitoring the traffic especially during events like the chancellor’s cup. The problem is, some drivers are speeding in the absence of traffic police and many more do not adhere to the zebra crossing rules. This is a concern for pedestrians and is becoming extremely dangerous especially for the students. Places with zebra crossing such as Kanglung primary school, Kanglung Shedra, way to Dantak area but most drivers are reluctant to comply with the traffic rules. There are also cases where some students were nearly hit by car. Many people also have to use the main road to […]

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